About Blake's

The Perfect Pot Pie

At Blake’s all of our meals come from heirloom family recipes. In the case of our Pot Pies the recipes date back to the 1920’s, when simple ingredients and slow cooking always created the perfect meal. Slow cooking is still the best way to cook a Blake’s Pot Pie and we strongly encourage you to cook our Pot Pies in a conventional oven. It’s really the best way to appreciate our carefully hand –crafted, made from scratch meals.

Microwave Cooking

We include microwave instructions on all of our meals but view this cooking method strictly as a last resort if you don’t have access to a conventional or toaster oven. Microwave ovens can’t replicate the cooking of conventional ovens and compromises the flavor, presentation and nutrition of our meals.

Other Tips

  • All ovens vary in temperature and cooking times, therefore, we encourage you to use our cooking instructions strictly as a guideline and adjust based on your specific oven.
  • For “hot” ovens, it may be necessary to rest foil on top of crust if browning occurs before pie is done cooking.
  • When preparing a pot pie always place the pie on a cookie sheet before putting in the oven.
  • This will prevent gravy from spilling directly on the oven.
  • Make sure the gravy on all pot pies is bubbling prior to removing from oven
  • Gravy should be smooth when cooked properly. If not, keep cooking.
  • When cooking Blake’s Organic Shepherds Pie or Organic Macaroni & Beef in a conventional oven it is best to wrap the top with foil.